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How to maximise your engagement ring budget

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Stretching your budget for the engagement ring?

The thought of buying the engagement ring can be daunting. Concerns about the budget and whether or not you’re picking the perfect diamond ring considering the four C’s can be all consuming.

Not to worry – we’re here to help!  From our vast experience of helping future grooms or couples with their engagement rings, we understand the process can be quite intimidating and that is why we’ve put together these five essential tips for buying the perfect engagement ring without breaking the bank.

Ask the jeweller if there is any 0% instalment plans

1. Mode of payment matters

First and foremost, consider how you’re going to pay for the ring. Paying in cash is ideal because it doesn’t involve debt. However, we know that that’s not always possible, especially when you also have an entire wedding to pay for. Ask the jeweller if they can provide a 0% interest with credit cards or if they have any special promotions that offer more rebates. This is one way of expanding your budget.  

2. Don’t base your budget on a rule of thumb

A common recommendation in the jewellery industry is to spend at least two months’ salary on an engagement ring. Did you know that this arbitrary “golden rule” actually  came from an old an ad for De Beers ad. Don’t let this stress you out – follow you own rules. Knowing what you’re is comfortable with her preference for the size of the diamond she may like is surely more important.

Here’s an extra tip - learn more about The Love Diamond and its perfect in polish and symmetry that makes it sparkle more evenly and appear visually look bigger compared to a diamond that is of the same size with a non-ideal cut.

3. Don’t get caught up with the grading of a diamond

When shopping for  diamonds, the grading can get complicated. Diamond experts use “the four C’s” to determine the price of diamonds.

Cut: The way the diamond is cut can affect how much light it reflects. A well-cut diamond can make up for mediocre color and clarity.

Color: When diamonds form, an impurity or defect in the diamond’s structure can cause it to have color. The less color a diamond has, the more it sparkles.

Clarity: Most diamonds have tiny blemishes, also known as inclusions. Fewer and smaller inclusions mean better clarity.

Carat: This is the weight of the diamond. A carat is one-fifth of a gram.

Weighing out the four C’s to get to a diamond that you are happy with can be a challenge. However, it’s important to note that at the end of the day, it is also about personal preference.

There’s no hard-and-fast rule about what you have to get. As they say, “.. “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.”

The Love Diamond engagement ring - 18K white gold set with single pave row band

With years of experience with The Love Diamond, our personal jeweller will gladly  guide you to your perfect engagement diamond ring.

4. Certificate is a passport to authenticity

Since you will be paying a huge sum for this pretty piece, it is important to get one that is certified by a reputable lab to ensure its authenticity.

The Love Diamond carries a certificate from International Gem Institute (IGI), ; which has its own stringent grading system.

The Love Diamond is certified by IGI and it states in full detail of the diamond ; with laser engraving and the actual photograph of the perfect hearts and arrows.

It’s also important to note that each gem lab has its own grading standards, so two diamonds with certificates from different labs will not be entirely the same. Each lab has internally consistent standards, so comparing two gems with certificates from the same lab is preferable.

5. Get a custom-made ring

Rather than picking an off the shelf engagement ring with a standard diamond and setting, why not customize your own? With a custom-made ring, you will not only be able to incorporate your own story into the design but also select the metal type and diamond characteristics i.e. the four C’s that suit your desired price range.

We can custom design your dream engagement ring too.

We hope that with these tips, you will be able to get the perfect engagement ring without burning a big hole in your pocket. The Love Diamond  is cut to perfect symmetry and sparkles like a million tiny suns. Don't believe us, come over to our store today. We are just a “ring” away.


Visit The Love Diamond Boutique Whether it's searching for the perfect engagement ring, a gift for a loved one or simply adding to your collection of sparkles, let our jewellery experts assist you. Schedule An Appointment


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