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4 simple tips to make your engagement ring look bigger

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

More often than not, the phrase ''less is more'' isn’t one that is associated with buying an engagement ring.

But times have changed and smaller engagement rings are becoming more popular, with practicality and the realisation of the importance of diamond quality playing a role in this shift towards smaller picks.

For many, knowing the tricks on how to make your engagement ring look bigger is a part of the choice to downsize and this goes way beyond the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity, carat).

Here are some expert tips from Ms Patimah, The Love Diamond brand ambassador on how to maximise the appearance of your rock. These tips will help you stay within budget and still afford you a desirable engagement ring.

The Love Diamond engagement ring

(Do) choose a thin, delicate band

Here’s a way to trick the eye – a slim, delicate band will make your diamond look bigger and really give more emphasis on the centre stone.

Conversely, a relatively thicker band may overshadow the diamond.

In any ring, prongs are the tiny metal hooks that grab the edges of a stone and hold it in place.

(Do) choose slender prongs

''If you have chosen a solitaire setting, make sure it is designed with slimmer prongs which allow the diamond to look bigger'', explains Patimah.

There is also a risk that more prongs around your diamond will overwhelm the stone. So, choosing four prongs, rather than six, is a good way to bring more focus to the diamond, allowing more light to enter it, thus shinning more brilliantly.

It takes 4 - 5 times longer to cut a The Love Diamond to ensure the best brilliance of the stone.

(Do) get the right cut

A diamond’s beauty largely depends on the cut; the precision of which each facet on a diamond is cut. The cut will determine how much light is reflected back to the eyes. “The better the cut, the more light will be reflected, the larger the diamond will look,'' advises Patimah.

For instance, The Love Diamond is super-ideal cut and has a triple ''excellent'' grade for its ideal proportion, perfect symmetry and perfect polish. That is why it is said to sparkle like a million tiny suns are trapped inside.

Rhodium not only protects the soft gold from getting scratched but is also extremely shiny.

(Do) choose a white gold band

What happens when you keep adding lots of mirrors to a small room? It will appear bigger.

The same goes for your diamond - selecting a white gold band will give an optical illusion of a bigger diamond with maximum brilliance.

“At The Love Diamond, all engagement rings are set in 18K white gold which is covered in a layer of a sturdy element known as rhodium”, adds Patimah.

Do you have any questions for The Love Diamond ambassador? Visit The Love Diamond boutique at SUEN or speak to us to find out more.


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