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Introducing The New TLD Bloom Engagement Ring 

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The ultimate expression of love, The Love Diamond features diamonds that are cut to perfection to craft a superlative diamond that sparkles with maximum brilliance

Snowflake Diamond Jewellery - The Love Diamond

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Discover the sparkling beauty of The Love Diamond in our collection of classic pieces for every occasion. 

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Crafting Your One-Of-A-Kind Piece

Whether you have an idea at the back of your mind or you would like to create a celebratory piece for an important moment in your life, our passionate team of jewellery experts will ensure that your vision comes to life.

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Bespoke Engagement Ring Design

What Others Have Said

"There's no diamond that exceeded our expectations than The Love Diamond. We've visited so many jewellers but upon seeing The Love Diamond, I instantly knew this was it. The sparkle is unmatched and I know I will always be mesmerised with the choice I made - a diamond halo ring to represent both my engagement and wedding. 

- Nara R.

Cut To Perfection

The Love Diamond Difference 4C's Cut.jpg

Ideal Proportions
A truly beautiful diamond starts with the well-defined ideal cut formula. The Love Diamond is cut to a very narrow and precise set of parameters that yield the greatest beauty within the ideal formula.

The Love Diamond Difference 4C's Cut.jpg

Perfect Symmetry
Symmetry refers to how identical and exact the size and angle placement of each facet is. The Love Diamond under a symmetry microscope reveals eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows radiating within. Every Love Diamond received the 'excellent' grade for its symmetry.

The Love Diamond 4C's Polish

Perfect Polish
Perfection is attained when the surfaces are completely even and flat, with no polishing lines, grains of burn marks. Every Love Diamond receives the 'excellent' grade for its polish.

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Whether it's searching for the perfect engagement ring, a gift for a loved one or simply adding to your collection of sparkles, let our jewellery experts assist you. 

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