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The Love Diamond Certification

Every Love Diamond is accompanied by an authentic Diamond Grading Report from the world's largest independent international laboratory – the International Gemological Institue (IGI) in Antwerp, Belgium.

Solitaire Ring The Love Diamond.jpg

The IGI report confirms the superiority of every Love Diamond with: 

  1. The 'Ideal Cut' proportions accreditation

  2. The 'Hearts and Arrows' photos of the diamond, authenticating the perfect symmetry.

  3. The 'Excellent' grade for symmetry and polish.

Finally, each Love Diamond has its IGI report number and The Love Diamond brand name security lasered onto the stone for your peace of mind. 

With the symbolism of the eight perfect hearts and arrows, unsurpassed beauty and uncompromised perfection, The Love Diamond is unquestionably the ultimate expression of love. 

Let The Love Diamond celebrate your love of a lifetime. 

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Whether it's searching for the perfect engagement ring, a gift for a loved one or simply adding to your collection of sparkles, let our jewellery experts assist you. 

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