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The Love Diamond Story

What can be a more perfect expression of love than The Love Diamond? A diamond so exquisitely beautiful, it will win any heart eight times over. 

The Ultimate Expression of Love

Nothing encapsulates love in a physical, permanent and perfect form better than a diamond. The Love Diamond, wholly owned by SUEN, makes the cut as the ultimate expression of love. 


Practically perfect in every sense, from proportion to polish to the presentation, it sparkles as if a million tiny suns have been trapped inside. 

The Love Diamond Ring SUEN.jpg
The Love Diamond Beautiful Duet Matching

Crafted To Last A Lifetime

Just like The Love Diamond, every piece of jewellery is wholeheartedly crafted to last a lifetime. Our master artisans skillfully bring to life these timeless jewels, maximising the unsurpassed beauty of The Love Diamond, celebrating your love of a lifetime. 

A Promise Of Perfection

Every Love Diamond is accompanied by an authentic Diamond Grading Report from the world's largest independent international laboratory – the International Gemological Institute (IGI) in Antwerp, Belgium. For your peace of mind, each Love Diamond has its IGI report number and The Love Diamond brand name security lasered onto the stone – a promise of perfection. 

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The Love Diamond Difference

Every diamond is unique, much like a snowflake or a fingerprint but what makes The Love Diamond out-sparkle them all? 

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The Love Diamond Difference 4C's

Visit The Love Diamond Boutique

Whether it's searching for the perfect engagement ring, a gift for a loved one or simply adding to your collection of sparkles, let our jewellery experts assist you. 

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