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Why The Love Diamond out-sparkles them all

The Cut, amongst the 4Cs, is what matters most and this is where The Love Diamond excels as a sparkler of unsurpassed beauty and perfection. The solitaire diamond so precisely cut, so painstakingly polished, every one of its 57 facets is matched and aligned in perfect harmony revealing eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows, proof that a diamond's ultimate beauty has been reached.


The Love Diamond is truly a gem of ultimate beauty and radiance, surpassing even the ordinary 'ideal cut' diamond, with mathematically calculated proportions to maximise brilliance and dispersion. Such microscopic precision is made possible only by state of the art laser measuring technology and our master cutter's commitment and passion for perfection.

The result? A magnificent dazzle that displays the fire and brilliance of a thousand tiny suns, with colourful explosions of light, guaranteed to last forever. 

The Love Diamond is cut to maximise the amount of light reflected back into the eyes.

The Love Diamond Difference 4C's Cut.jpg

Ideal Proportions

A truly beautiful diamond needs more than just a good cut. It starts with the well-defined ideal cut formula for proportions. 

The Love Diamond is cut to a very narrow and precise set of parameters that yield the greatest beauty within the ideal formula; a trade secret in fact. 

Every Love Diamond is, therefore, an ideal cut diamond of extraordinary standards and beauty.

The Love Diamond Difference 4C's Cut.jpg

Perfect Symmetry

Symmetry refers to how identical and exact the size and angle placement of each facet is. Viewing The Love Diamond under a symmetry microscope reveals eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and eight perfectly symmetrical arrows radiating within. 

Every Love Diamond received the 'excellent' grade for its symmetry.

The Love Diamond 4C's Polish

Perfect Polish

Polish refers to the surface finish of a diamond. Perfection is attained when the surfaces are completely even and flat, with no polishing lines, grains of burn marks. 

Every Love Diamond receives the 'excellent' grade for its polish. 


Diamonds are priced according to weight categories. The larger the stone, the more expensive, reflecting increasing natural rarity.  A five-carat diamond costs 15 times that of a one-carat while a one-carat costs approximately four times more than a half-carat. 

Weight, however, does not equate to diameter; this reinforces the importance of cut. Cutting a thick girdle can add as much as 10% extra weight without increasing diameter. The Love Diamond's standards ensure that both diameter and beauty are maximised simultaneously.



Most diamonds, although appearing colourless actually have slight traces of yellow or brown. Diamond colour grades range from colourless (grade 'D' being the rarest and most valuable to light yellow (grade 'Z'). 

The fact that the brilliance of a well-cut diamond can mask the visibility of a diamond's body colour adds further weight to the importance of cut, particularly in larger stones where colour becomes increasingly visible. 

The colour grade of Love Diamonds ranges from colourless to near colourless, thereby ensuring both beauty and rarity.

The Love Diamond 4C's Colour



The clarity grade of a diamond refers to the size, location and number of tiny natural marks, known as inclusions, present in most diamonds. These marks are like a diamond's 'fingerprint', making each stone unique with its own set of identifying characteristics. 

Every The Love Diamond is consistently cut to radiate exceptional beauty, no matter what its clarity grade.

The Love Diamond 4C's Clarity

The Love Diamond Assurance

The Love Diamond, as you have seen is no ordinary gem. Every Love Diamond is accompanied by an authentic Diamond Grading Report from the world's largest independent international laboratory – the International Gemological Institue (IGI) in Antwerp, Belgium.

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