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What type of engagement rings fits her personality? (Part 1)

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Ring - suen jewellers
Entwine Destiny engagement ring with full eternity diamond wedding band

When the big day arrives, you will want to make sure that the ring that is slipped onto her finger is everything she always dreamed off. Sounds stressful, does it?

We at The Love Diamond understand that choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting process. Every ring is unique as its wearer.  There are many cuts, shapes and sizes. How do you select the perfect engagement ring that fits her personality? Read on to find out her perfect match.

Personality type: organised, classic, and traditional

Entwine Love Diamond engagement ring
Entwine Love Diamond engagement Ring set in 18K white gold

Engagement ring style: round brilliant diamond ring

This classic cut is all about the brilliant sparkle, for a bride who always thinks with a clear mind, is sensible, has a steady career and most likely with a 10-year future plan. She is classic and timeless and would prefer a diamond engagement ring that reflects the same. Many women cannot resist the circular shape which is also similar to oval cut diamonds.

Personality type: clever, fun and spontaneous

princess cut diamond ring - suenjewellers
Princess cut diamond ring with 18K white gold setting with filigree design

Engagement ring style: princess cut diamond ring

If she is an extrovert, spontaneous, and always up on the latest trends, you give her a princess cut engagement ring. This cut compliments her personality as the center stone exudes the liveliness of a round diamond combined with the square shape of an emerald diamond.  It’s a versatile piece that can be worn with a variety of wedding bands, a ring your bride will be happy to wear for years.

Personality type: strong, bold and glamorous.

emerald cut diamond engagement ring - suen jewellers
Emerald cut diamond engagement ring set with round brilliant diamonds in 18K white gold

Engagement ring style: emerald cut diamond ring

The emerald cut, just like its wearer is strong, bold and someone who cannot resist new challenges. This cut is very unique, as rather than producing a brilliant cut effect, it showcases a ‘’hall of mirrors’’, representing confidence and stability. The sophisticated, daring look of an emerald cut diamond engagement ring is a perfect match for a bride that is strong-willed.

Young ladies at yoga

Personality type: charismatic, athletic and power

Marquise diamond ring - Suen Jewellers
Marquise cut diamond engagement ring set with round brilliant diamonds in 18K white gold

Engagement ring style: marquise cut diamond ring

Not for the faint of heart, the marquise cut reflects an aura of power and stature. For a bride who loves to own the room, exuding both confidence and radiance but still has some classic values, the marquise cut is perfect standout due to its clear display of internal and external strength from each point at each end.

We are still not done in sharing the diamond cuts that will suit your future bride. Stay tuned to our part 2 of diamond ring cuts and personalities that matches!


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