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Here are some new engagement ring rules as we head towards 2020

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

When you are ready to take your commitment to the next level, you will want to make sure to get it right with a special ring and a heartfelt proposal. 

At first glance, buying an engagement ring may not seem all that difficult but with the amount of information available online, the entire process can get quite confusing. 

The Love Diamond is here to share some insights on the modern engagement ring landscape, starting with tossing away some outdated rules on buying an engagement ring. 

The One/Two/Three-Month’s Salary Rule is outdated

Feel free to ignore this outdated rule which was created around the 1950s. It stipulates that you should spend one, two or even three-month’s gross salary on an engagement ring. 

This is an unrealistic rule for the young couple these days.. With the  cost of living increasing - it's never a good feeling to spend the first several years of your marriage paying off debts for your engagement and wedding.

Embrace The Love Diamond engagement ring
The signature Embrace collection speaks about two hearts becoming one

Buy a meaningful ring, not an expensive one

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment but sinking yourself into debt to buy the flashiest ring on the block may not be the best move. 

A well thought out ring that speaks to your partner’s individual style and taste  would be even more significant. You could choose a diamond ring with a design that she is comfortable wearing on a daily basis and not kept away in a safe.  For this, you can work with us to create your very own custom-designed engagement ring – one of a kind.

The Love Diamond engagement ring
A beautiful duet collection - The Love Diamond engagement ring with matching wedding band

The man should buy the engagement ring

Gone are the days when women needed to wait around for a ring. A December 2018 report from Pinterest shared searches from ‘’Women propose to men ideas’’ were up 336% year over year.

It does not stop there, the hashtag #hesaidyes now has over 100,000 post on Instagram. Though it may not match with society’s expectations, these are early signs that modern women are changing the game and taking control of huge decisions in their lives.

There are also those who accompany their soon-to-be-fiancés at The Love Diamond to browse and then stepping out while he makes the purchase. Being equal partners in a relationship, who is to say who should ask whom. Perhaps you’d consider jumping on this progressive bandwagon too. 

Sapphire and diamond ring
Natural blue sapphire ring set in 18K white gold with diamonds

Don’t be afraid to be different

Engagement ring options are now more versatile than ever. Many women are choosing to be less traditional, opting to express their unique personalities and aesthetic preferences. Yellow or white gold are the customary colours but why not try 18K rose gold diamond engagement ring setting instead.

Engagement rings that have natural ruby or sapphire are also trending as many young couples express their personal style through their favourite colours or gemstones. Some opt to incorporate their birthstone into their ring design.

Wedding bands in 18K white gold
Beautiful wedding bands which can be custom made in 18K white gold or 950 platinum

950 Platinum has always been associated with pure love as it is amongst the purest metal containing 95% platinum as compared to 18K white gold, which contains only 75% gold. It has been a symbol of love and long lasting relationship.

The shopping experience should be simple 

For many men, buying an engagement ring will be their first experience in the world of jewellery. When they walk into a jewellery store, they are likely to be overwhelmed with terms and concepts that they’ve never heard before.

Finding a trustworthy jeweller is key to this process. Aside from providing the necessary  certifications for your diamonds, they will also provide sufficient guidance to help you shop with peace of mind. Expert jewellers also extend their services to  professional cleaning, polishing, prong tightening and repairs.

The Love Diamond boutique
The Love Diamond boutique at SUEN

At The Love Diamond, our personal jewellers are able to do just that to ensure that you are able to make an informed choice on engagement rings and wedding bands. Rest assured that you will be  in good hands.

Do you have any other modern engagement rings tips that you would like to share? Share it with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.


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