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Do not wear your engagement ring when…

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

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When should / shouldn’t you wear your engagement ring? We know your engagement ring is very dear and important to you. That is why we want to share with you these daily situations to ensure your beautiful, sparkling diamond engagement ring is safe and sound. When having pillow talk in bed. This point actually depends on who you listen to, but we think it’s a good idea not to wear your engagement ring in bed. There is an argument that, if you’re wearing it, you can’t lose it; but apart from the obvious snagging threat from pajamas, bedclothes, hair, or even your beloved partner, perhaps it is better to have a nice small jewellery box on the side table so you can put it inside every time you go to bed. When cooking for your beloved friends and/or family. Almost everything we touch when preparing a meal from scratch will make our hands sticky, smelly, oily or any one of a thousand usually undesirable things. Baking is just about the worst thing to be doing whilst wearing your engagement ring, as it involves the two worst ingredients imaginable for long term damage: fat and flour. They are, and we make no apologies for the pun, a recipe for disaster when it comes to your wedding ring. The warning we’ll give about taking your ring off in the kitchen, is to go and put it somewhere safe. Kitchens are notoriously cluttered spaces with plenty of places for a ring to get lost.

When doing your beauty regime. Soap, creams, gels, pastes, face-packs, shampoos, perfumes, indeed any of the countless beauty products are slow-burners of ring damage. Every time you apply any kind of product to any part of your body, some of it will end up on and in your engagement ring. Over a period of time, this buildup dirt, grease and grime. And some beauty chemicals will make your favourite white gold engagement ring look dull. So always apply lotion before putting on your jewellery.

When in the gym. To be honest, any form of exercise is a no-no for engagement rings, whether it’s on the treadmill or on the softball field. Aside from the obvious potential for damage from knocks, just the constant extreme movement of most types of exercise can cause the ring to twist and, eventually, this may lead to the stones loosening enough that you won’t realize it’s gone until it’s too late. Add to that the damage that salt from sweat can do, and the increased presence of oils being secreted from the skin causing dirt to build up, Recognize your ring for what it is, and not what it isn’t. It’s not a sporting accessory. It’s not a knee support or an Alice band, it’s your engagement ring, so take it off!

When doing house chores. Again, knocks on worktops or other hard surfaces are a real issue when cleaning, but this risk almost pales into insignificance when compared to the damage harsh cleaning chemicals will do. Bleach, ammonia, and other solvents can permanently damage both the metal and the stones. Even if you wear gloves, still take the ring off, as it can easily catch when pulling the gloves on and off.

When swimming. Assuming we’re not classifying swimming as exercise, of course, but we could just as easily call this one “At the pool or beach”. Water does things to human skin, and water with salt or chlorine does things to everything it touches. Unless you’re in a pool heated to quite a high temperature, the water will be cooler than you. This makes your fingers shrink slightly, but enough to allow your engagement ring to slip right off. On top of that, salt and chlorine can seriously affect the metal of the band, especially if it is treated metal like white gold. Salt, basically, rots everything over time so, if you do go in the sea wearing your ring, have it cleaned as soon as is practical. And don’t get us started on what sand can do to the shine of the band or the clarity of a diamond. There’s a reason they use it to clean the outsides of grime-clad buildings.


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