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What’s not to love about 18k rose gold?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The Love Diamond 18K Rose Gold Earrings
The Love Diamond 18K Rose Gold Earrings

It is hard to deny rose gold’s shimmering rise to fame in recent years, extending all the way from interior designs to even smartphones.

For all the hype it has been receiving, not too many of us actually know what rose gold is and what makes this gorgeous, vintage metal special.

The Love Diamond is here to take you through some things you should know about rose gold.

Let’s start with the basics. What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a delicate mix of yellow gold, copper and other metals. It gets its pink hue from the presence of copper in the gold alloy used in jewellery making. The higher the content of copper, the redder the colour.

At The Love Diamond, our rose gold jewellery pieces are expertly handcrafted with 18K rose gold which is 75% gold and the remaining being copper and other metals.

Why wear 18k rose gold?

FOPE EkaTiny Flex'it Bracelets
FOPE EkaTiny Flex'it bracelets available at SUEN Jewellers

Flattering on most skin tones

18K rose gold has a warmer tone than white gold or silver and is softer than yellow gold.

This allows it to be suitable for most skin types; it gracefully highlights blush undertones and adds an ethereal luminance to golden, tan and dark skin. Rose gold is both luxurious and understated and of course, can make your gems spark endlessly – be it a diamond or any other gemstone.


When it comes to styling the 18K rose gold, you will discover that it goes well with other metals.

You can pair it with silver, yellow gold, platinum or white gold for a classic and clean look. Want to give your wedding or engagement ring a distinctive touch? 18K rose gold can give your band a classic twist. There is even the tri-colour – a combination of silver, gold and rose gold that is guaranteed to turn heads and capture the attention of others no matter where you are.

The Love Diamond Rose Gold Collection
The Love Diamond Rose 18K Gold Collection

Looks better with age

There is a strong vintage feel about 18K rose gold.

The fact that it is not as reflective or shiny as yellow and white gold adds to this vintage effect. 18K rose gold is also much more durable than yellow or white gold due to the very sturdy copper component. This ensures that it will last longer and look better with age, making it a great piece of heirloom for generations to come!

Sirius Collection - GIORGIO VISCONTI
Sirius Collection - GIORGIO VISCONTI

It’s not only for women

Don't get surprised when we say that 18K rose gold is also a great colour for men.

This is because the warm tone of the rose gives a unique touch to a classic watch and bands; suitable for any modern men who want to stand out than the rest.

Feeling inspired?

We invite you to embrace the exceptional rose gold jewellery pieces at SUEN. Whatever your style, we have an 18K rose gold jewellery design for everyone.

Add instant elegance to your everyday look with an iconic FOPE Eka tiny rose gold bracelet or go all-out glamorous with The Love Diamond from SUEN. Call us at 03 2288 8618 to book a viewing or talk to us on Facebook.


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