Your wedding band design should take into consideration your lifestyle. Here's why.

Ladies, this is absolutely something to think about. Here are a few reasons why you should consider custom designing your own wedding band or engagement ring.

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Let’s get real

Your lifestyle should play an important role in this decision making. If you love to bake, your diamond wedding band may look dull and not sparkly as it may be covered with layers of flour and bits of dough overtime.

For those who love outdoor activities like rock climbing or skiing, we will advise you to have the wedding band designed with embedded diamond setting so that the diamonds are not protruding outward. Alternatively, you can always remove the band or simply wear gloves while doing these activities.

True story - a client of ours who is a florist wanted a half eternity wedding band but was concerned with the security of the diamonds. As she works with her hands all day long, she wanted to make sure that the diamonds will not fall off by accident. With that in mind, we custom designed and handmade the ring with each diamond being held in place by 4 small prongs/claws at the optimal height so that the diamonds still look prominent.

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Suen Jewellers - eternity ring
4 claw eternity diamond ring set in 18K white gold

engagement ring - Suen jewellers
Wearing both engagement and wedding band on the left hand

Following customs and traditions

For most, a wedding is a family affair. Every little detail, down to the rings will probably be influenced by your family traditions. For example, which finger do you need to wear your ring on? According to Chinese customs, men wear their wedding band on their left hand whilst ladies wear theirs on their right hand. This is obviously different from Western culture where both men and ladies wear the wedding band on the left hand. So make sure you get the right ring size for your wedding band. Do you know of any other cultural traditions to take into consideration? Let us know and we’ll see how we can best accommodate them.  

Wedding band
A pair of wedding bands designed exclusively for our customer

Uniquely you

Like diamonds, everyone of us is different and unique. Some of us like to wear stackable rings, bracelets or even necklaces. Some of us like extremely minimal designs. We have a customer who chooses to only wear rings on the fourth finger of her  left hand because that’s the only way she feels comfortable with a ring on her finger. So it’s entirely up to you. Depending on your own personal style, you may decide to not have a matching engagement ring and wedding band set and that’s alright too. Your wedding band design can even differ from your husband’s.

Engagement ring - Suen Jewellers
Our latest collection - A Beautiful Duet (matching engagement ring with wedding band for her)

At Suen Jewellers, we are able to custom make your wedding bands  and engagement ring in any style you desire.The Beautiful Duet is our set of matching engagement ring and wedding bands. Come over and try them over a cup of coffee or tea and discover The Love Diamond series. You can even make an appointment with our in-house jewellery designer for a design consultation.