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How to care for your engagement ring and wedding bands.

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

It goes without saying that your engagement ring and wedding band have great significance in your jewellery collection. While your lifestyle may play a role in the daily appearance of these two gems, proper care is more so essential in ensuring that these permanent fixtures on your finger can continue to shine and sparkle in the many years to come.

Here are a few pieces of advice from our team of experienced Personal Jewellers:

1. Keep your rings clean

Not cleaning the buildup of dirt and oil on your rings simply defeats the purpose of having a beautifully cut diamond. Cleaning your rings is not in any way a difficult task, all you need is a mug of warm water and some mild dishwashing liquid. Soak your rings in the solution for a couple of minutes and gently scrub the stone with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse away till clean and gently pat dry with tissue. That is all it takes to keep your sparklers sparkly. (Be sure to be careful when rinsing your rings under the tap!)

2. Know when to keep them on

Ring designs do indeed play a role in how careful you should be, e.g. micro pavé diamonds have very small prongs which makes it easier for the diamond to slip out. However you do not need custom made rings to be comfortable doing what you do. All you need to do is just take them off whenever you feel it is needed. A common example would be a day by the beach/pool, as swimming can greatly affect your body temperature and may cause your finger to shrink, we highly recommend you leave your precious rings at home.

3. Regularly check the prongs and setting

A good habit to develop with your symbols of love is to regularly check the prongs and setting. Ensuring that the diamond(s) are safely secured in place can rule out unfortunate accidents of losing a diamond(s). Notice if any prongs are shorter than others, or lightly shake your rings to hear if anything is loose. We recommend having your Personal Jeweller check the condition of your ring every so often.

4. Avoid harsh chemicals

Although diamonds are indeed one of the hardest gemstones in the world, they are not invincible. Harsh chemicals such as bleach and other cleaning agents can dull the finishing appearance of rings and even harm porous coloured gemstones like Emeralds. A simple solution to this is to remove and safely store your sparklers when in contact with these harsh chemicals.

5. Buy insurance

Getting your rock insured is a way in which you can protect your rings in the event that it gets lost, stolen or damaged. Additionally, as the cost of precious metals and diamonds do inflate annually, an appraisal is also recommended every five years or so. In the unfortunate event where you happen to lose your rings, a 5-year-old appraisal would have a higher insured value as compared to a 10-year-old appraisal.

At SUEN, we believe that jewellery should be confidently and comfortably worn. Especially jewellery as special as your engagement ring and wedding bands, keeping it in the safe undeservingly defeats its meaning.

Sometimes, lifestyle plays a factor in choosing your ring design. For example, Jermayne is a florist who came to The Love Diamond looking for a half eternity wedding band. As she works with her hands all day long, she was concerned about the possibility of the diamonds falling off the ring. With her occupation in mind, we crafted a ring where each diamond is held in place by four small prongs at the optimal height so that the diamonds are secured whilst still appearing prominent.


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