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Why is the solitaire the most popular engagement ring setting?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

When it comes to engagement ring settings, there has been a significant change in the styles favoured by brides-to-be. While some design trends come and go, the solitaire ring setting still remains as the most popular choice for couples.

What is a solitaire design and why has it remained desirable? Let’s find out.

What is a solitaire design?

The striking solitaire is a timeless engagement ring setting that emphasizes the centre stone. As the name suggests, the setting features any ring with a single diamond with no side stones embedded in the band of the ring.

It is also known as ''prong setting'' where four or six metal prongs are used to embed the centre stone in place. These prongs can be clawed, rounded, pointed, V-shaped or even flat depending on the ring design.

Why choose a solitaire setting?

Traditionally, a diamond solitaire ring often features a round brilliant cut diamond. This is because nothing sparkles and shines quite like a round cut. Round cuts with its 57 facets tend to capture light better, resulting in greater radiance and sparkle.

A solitaire setting maximises a diamond’s brilliance as it receives better exposure from all angles, so a very good quality round cut diamond is essential for this setting.

The Love Diamond boasts 57 facets that are matched and aligned in perfect harmony. Because of its perfect symmetry, it captures the light beautifully, putting the stone’s natural fire and brilliance on display.

This is why our signature The Love Diamond Destiny engagement ring is designed only with a solitaire setting to ensure that there are no distractions from the diamond’s beauty. If you are searching for a solitaire diamond ring that sparkles like a million tiny suns, The Love Diamond is the right choice for you.

The solitaire is also very versatile setting

Often known for its simplicity, the solitaire setting can also feature intricate designs that require delicate craftsmanship. The Love Diamond Embrace (pic above) where two hearts are cradling the centre diamond is one such example. You can even choose the thickness of your band according to your aesthetic preference.

You cannot go wrong with a stunning diamond solitaire engagement ring because “simple’’ need not be boring. With an everlasting style, it is the purest representation of your love, intentions, and eternal commitment

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