Why you must propose on Valentine’s day!

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Has Cupid hit you with his arrow? Valentine’s day is less than a month away, and that means men are wondering how to surprise their partner. A dozen red roses always does the trick on Valentine’s day, but this year you want to make it special by popping the question. Proposing on Valentine’s day is extremely easy and here we are going to give you the extra confidence to do so.

# 1 The unexpected surprise Yes! It is a tease for your fiancee-to-be. Bring your fiancee-to-be to wander into a jewellery shop like you are just going to have a look. Your fiancee-to-be wouldn’t suspect anything. In fact, she will be a little bit disappointed. The plan is to sit down together and jewellers will be presenting her with a range of rings to choose from. When she decides on the one she likes the most, ask her to marry you!

# 2 The most romantic season She always adores Valentine’s day. It is known as a day of love and romance for the world. Proposing on this meaningful day is going to make your fiancee-to-be love you even more. Enjoy an upscaled moment with a cosy table in the corner, candlelight and soft music. Walk in with a big bouquet of roses (the biggest you have ever seen in your lifetime) and get down on one knee.

# 3 Not much creativity needed It is completely stressful to hide a secret from your partner and you need to make the proposal into a big, imaginative and original production. Proposals on Valentine’s Day itself require less effort because the theme is already built into the day!

#4 Leave no trace Do take into consideration on how she would want to look on the day she gets proposed to. She definitely would be very disappointed if she was in her casual look for the big moment. But it is odd to request her to doll up on normal days and it might be delivering her a hint. Mention the keyword, dinner at a very ROMANTIC restaurant on the V-day. She will be dolled up for the night and will not think twice.

#5 All-time favourite story

In this modern day, couples will post on their social media about what they received on Valentine's day. Make your partner be the lucky one who makes all her friends envious. Declare your love on the day of romance with Cupid’s bows shooting from every direction, your partner will never feel bored revisiting the most romantic day.

So how the story will end for you on Valentine’s day will depend on you. Start with the most basic thing; a sparkling diamond proposal ring. A Love Diamond engagement ring has 57 facets and so perfectly cut; it sparkles like a million tiny suns. With The Love Diamond; it’s The Ultimate Expression of Love.

Call us to know more. After all; we are just a “ring” away.

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