Why an emerald cut diamond is one of the popular diamond engagement ring style

3 stone emerald cut diamond ring set in 18K White gold

At Suen Jewellers, we spend our days helping couples to select and design rings that capture their individual styles and personalities. As such we are always looking out for the newest in engagement ring and wedding band trends.

The most popular style that has been sweeping the celebrity world in 2019 is none other than the emerald cut engagement ring. Earlier this year, Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a massive emerald cut solitaire which took up the entire upper region of her finger. Actress Jennifer Lawrence also got proposed with an emerald cut sparkler. Looking back, Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashians are also among the famous brides to rock this cut.

What makes an emerald cut ring a glamorous go-to option? Our gemologist at Suen Jewellers shares these insights.

Loose emerald cut diamond

Filigri setting with emerald cut diamond set in 18K white gold

Better durability

An emerald cut stone has a large table with cut corners that allows it to be more secure than other shapes. They are not prone to chipping or getting caught on hair or clothes.

Emerald cut diamond looks larger compared to round brilliant diamond

Looks larger

When comparing a 1-carat round cut diamond and 1-carat emerald cut diamond, the emerald cut is larger due to its elongated shape and a large table. For brides wanting more bling, this cut is the ideal choice.

Slim band and emerald cut diamond elongates the finger

Flattering on long and slender fingers

As expected, certain diamond cuts are better suited for certain finger sizes and shape. The emerald cut is extremely flattering on those with long and slender fingers.

Now, what do you think? Would you consider an emerald cut engagement ring?

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