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What type of engagement rings fits her personality? (Part 2)

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

A happy bride to be - suenjewellers
A happy bride to be

Before you propose, it is important to consider the type of engagement ring that best suits your future bride’s personality.

In our part one, we discussed the diamond cuts of a round brilliance, princess, emerald, and marquise.  Here, discover more of the most common engagement ring cuts and what each cut says about the personality of the woman who wears them.

Personality type: romantic, feminine and trendy

Three cushion diamond ring - suen jewellers
Three cushion diamond ring set with microwave in 18K white gold

Engagement ring style: cushion cut diamond ring

For a bride with an old soul, it is probably the romantic cushion cut that she desires. A cushion’s curved corners and brilliant facets provide a soft look with a lot of sparkle. Also known as the pillow cut, this diamond goes back to an era of romance, elegance and clarify, suitable for those who consider themselves to be fashionable and on trend.

Personality type: airing, bubbly and outgoing

Trinity radiant diamond ring
Three radiant cut diamond set as a trinity engagement ring with 18k White Gold

Engagement ring style: radiant cut ring

A radiant diamond is a rare shaped gem and is not commonly used for engagement rings. Nevertheless, is it most suited for brides who dare to be different, find themselves to be bubbly, fun and flirty. The brilliant faceting and octagon shape are great for those who love a lot of sparkle and flash. Best suited for women with shorter fingers as it adds length.

Personality type: adventurous, fun, yet modest

pear shaped diamond ring
Pear shaped diamond engagement ring set in 18K white gold

Engagement ring style: pear cut diamond ring

More eccentric than other diamond rings, the pear cut, shaped like teardrops sparkles with eclectic enthusiasm and is one of the least common engagement ring cuts.

Always on the lookout for an adventure, the pear cut represents a personality that takes romanticism to a different level. If she is someone who always advocates for others, adaptable, loving and modest, the pear-shaped diamond is the perfect ring for her.

Personality Type: hopeless romantic, passionate and sentimental

Heart shaped diamond engagement ring set in 18K White gold

Engagement Ring Style: heart cut diamond ring.

Perhaps the sweetest of all ring cuts, wearing a heart-shaped engagement ring signifies boldness and the willingness to take the risk, much like the feeling of true love..

This is not an engagement ring cut that you will see every day, and the woman who wears this ironically carries her heart on her sleeve. If she is sentimental, a hopeless romantic and all about you, then this is the shape for your future bride.

Which of the following cuts speaks her personality? Share it with us!

A Beautiful Duet collection - Matching engagement diamond ring with wedding band
A Beautiful Duet collection - Matching engagement diamond ring with wedding band

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