We're engaged! So what now?

Finally, he popped the question and you said yes! What to do next? If your head says to you: “he will take care of everything and everything will be perfect.” Think again. He must be assuming a degree of responsibility but not all. But do not worry! We will help you with what to do next!

# 1 Call your parents

Share this exciting news to your parents, siblings and BFFs too! Although you posted your good news on social media, it is better to give them a call and personally tell them the news.

# 2 Get your hand pampered!

For the next couple of weeks, your hand will be the highlight. Your friends will be focusing on your gorgeous engagement ring. Make sure your manicure is on fleek. Or you prefer a natural look, make sure your nails are clean and shaped. Not COOL to have chipped nail polish when you show your gorgeous engagement ring to your friends.

# 3 Ring-fie

And yes, snapping some shots of the gorgeous The Love Diamond ring that he spent a small fortune on is definitely worth a ring-fie! A selfie with your gorgeous engagement ring is a must! Share with the world that you are engaged! Share the love to the world, snap a ring selfie or a sweet picture with your fiance!

# 4 Resizing!

If he did not get the size right at first try, bring your fiance to the jeweller to get it resized to fit your finger. You wouldn’t want your The Love Diamond ring falling off and going missing.

# 5 Make a toast!

Gather your favourite people and celebrate your engagement! Have a special girls night out with your girlfriends, it is totally worth a toast!

#6 Take a breath

Remember! Do not jump into wedding planning right away! You will have stress loaded over the next twelve (or more) months to prepare for the wedding. After a very exciting engagement, take a deep breath, let it all sink in, and just savour the moment.

# 7 Notebook

Get yourself a notebook to record everything about your wedding! It definitely will help both of you in organising all the tasks. Define and list the tasks that need to be done. A useful tip for you, you can borrow concluded ones from your married close friend.

#8 Save the date

The first step is to select the auspicious date. The first date scheduled in your wedding notebook must be your wedding day. Some may refer to the Chinese calendar, even numbered months and dates are preferred.

#9 Budgeting

Decide on the budget. List down all the expenses: wedding ring, wedding gown, the wedding event, entertainment, honeymoon and etc. Evaluate every expense and sort it by importance. The most important thing is to decide the number of guests. The budget will be strongly dependent on this number.


Call us to know more. After all, we are just a “ring” away.


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