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The ultimate guide for CNY wedding !

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Planning for a wedding during Chinese New Year! Now, who would want to do that? For the hopelessly romantic and spontaneous couples, a wedding during Chinese New year could be actually fun. CNY Wedding explained in 8 prosperous ways

1. Angpow - you will not only get any ordinary wedding angpow; you get Angpows which will usually be more “prosperous” because it is the time for giving angpows and it is a happy occasion celebrating the Chinese New Year

2. Great city view photography - Chinese New Year is the time when the cities usually quieter and less crowded. It is the perfect time to get your wedding shoots at a nice location in the city.

3. Holiday - It is a public holiday and your entire extended family including aunts and uncles will be in your hometown - it is the best time to have a wedding dinner with all your family members

4. Decorations - Chinese New Year is filled with lots of decorations at home and in major restaurants or hotels - you get to save a lot as the places are already nicely decorated.

5. Anniversary - It is so easy to remember the anniversary of your wedding. Who can forget a CNY wedding date?

6. DIY - It is perfect for couples who love to plan the wedding themselves and save some money as most of the wedding planners or decorators will not be working during Chinese New Year.

7. Auspicious Date - According to the Chinese calendar; dates on the first day of Chinese New Year will be a foolproof auspicious date so it will be a good day and blessed with lots of goodness.

8. Value - Festive seasons will be filled with discounts and offers in most retail shops to usher in the new year. It will be the perfect time for you to get prepared and save at the same time too.

We wish you good luck and blessed with happiness in your planning. Do visit our store to check out our latest offers.


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