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Don’t panic! You will get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to thinking about marriage proposal ideas.

So, you are finally ready to pop the question! You are struggling to keep the ring hidden somewhere safe and beginning to formulate your proposal ideas. You get overwhelmed when thinking about marriage proposal ideas.

Here are some tips for you; girls would always expect a unique and amazing marriage proposal. Marriage proposal ideas come in different sizes and types. You may have heard stories of epic proposals with both side family members or friends around, but you would not want to have a copy and paste version.

Keep it special and unique in your own way. Proposing on a sweet getaway would be incredibly romantic and thoughtful. Your partner will never expect you to propose when travelling to explore a new place together. Take the initiative to be in charge of planning the whole trip and carve out the opportunity of getting down on one knee at the most wonderful spot; though you will be struggling to keep the ring hidden somewhere safe :)

Proposing on a short sweet escape on Valentine's day can be very romantic. The plan is to purchase a travel package for your partner. Allow yourself and your partner to have a relaxing 3 days 2 nights escape to YTL Hotels’ Tembok Bali Spa Village Resort from Suen Couples. Imagine just both of you in the lush, spacious and private village resort. Have all meals prepared for you and pampered from head to toe.

Find a private beach to go on bended knee for a simple proposal idea. Get snazzed up and then suggest walking down by the water. A stroll in the sand makes a simple proposal plan with a beautiful beach setting all around.

Click on the picture to find out more for the travel package.

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