Son premier amour; First love.

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

We often say first love is exceptional. It is most memorable and vivid.

The one that you first have true feelings for. One person that you will never forget, their love will leave a significant memory in your heart which will be there forever.

At the particular moment you don’t care that you will eventually lose them after a break up because that emotion is amazing. Falling in love and finding true love was the best thing that has ever happened.

First love will be one who will be the hardest to get over, the one that can still make you smile even when your having the worst day ever, and the one who after breaking you, you'll still love them. Your first love never leaves.

Our Love Diamond new collection sparks joy and love. Our concept revolves with the story of first love and heart. The heart is the universal symbol of love, represents love’s overwhelming strength.

This necklace has lots of hearts in 18K white gold; its is a symbol of holding on dearly to the ones we love. It is the perfect declaration of love to your first love.

Not to forget that heart is a symbol of Life. It also symbolises a more beautiful, stronger and happier you with a strong will to love your family. It is a gift to reward yourself. Give some TLC for yourself and this matters too.

At Suen Jewellers, all Love Diamond collection is handmade with love and each piece is hand crafted. The Love Diamond is a brand that promises you exceptional quality in cut. With 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows in The Love Diamond; it sparkles like a million tiny suns and you need to be careful as others may be green with envy. Smiles …

Visit our store in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. We have a selection of pendants, earrings and bracelet in this darling collection.


The Love Diamond by SUEN Jewellers

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