Money isn’t everything….but Style is.

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

The hardest part of the buying engagement ring is selecting a design for her. Follow these easy personality tips and choosing the ring design becomes easier than ABC. Pure and loving.

1. The most common setting for an engagement ring is a prong setting, which involves 3 - 6 “claws”. The prong setting allows more of the diamond to show. A metal “basket” that holds a stone firmly, a prong setting can be pointed, rounded, or V-shape. The “claws”. The radiant beauty of the stone can be fully appreciated as the metal “claws” which are delicately bent over the stone’s facets are barely visible.

2. Contemporary chic

Pavé (pronounced “paw-vay”) is originally from the French word “paved” (also “pavement”), as in a set of diamonds beautifully paved. Minimal visibility of the setting of small diamonds (less than 0.10 ct), with the tiny metal beads or prongs holding the stone in place, magnifies your centre diamond with distinguished sets of small diamonds on both sides.

3. Classic beauty

A love that lasts forever. The eternity band is everyone’s all-time favourite, featuring the endless row of perfectly-matched small (0.10 ct or more) diamonds showcased in the entire band of the ring. The small diamonds that are cased around the entire band has no beginning and end, thus representing eternity. This setting symbolizes one person’s ultimate commitment to another.

4. Posh gal

Halo setting looks modern and creates impressions of a big diamond. A sparkling diamond will look enormous being surrounded by accent diamonds. With the accent diamonds set around a centre stone, it is a great option to magnify the appearance of a small diamond and increases the overall sparkle of the ring.

5. Vintage lover

Often, the vintage engagement ring is completely unique and extraordinary in design. The inspiration of vintage engagement ring is Victorian-era or Edwardian-era style. It creates an antique engagement ring in the modern world and enhances the beauty of the centre stone with intricate detailing work.

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6. Elegant and graceful

One of the most elegant and classic engagement ring settings is a cathedral. It may be set in prongs or bezel setting with a similar design concept to the graceful arches of a cathedral. This unique design fabricates a character with minimal expense.

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