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How to pull off the perfect restaurant proposal

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Voice 1 : What are you waiting for? Marry her !

Voice 2 : I have no idea how to do it!

Will this rustic, red romantic setting win her heart?

Most guys probably feel the same way. But with some preparation and these simple tips to guide you, you’ll be ready to pull off the perfect restaurant proposal.

Take a deep breath and let these simple tips guide you on how to pull off the perfect restaurant proposal.

All set up

#1 Fancy or casual?

The first step is choosing where to go. Hint: The most important thing to remember is that this is YOUR love story. So it doesn’t have to happen at the most expensive Michelin star restaurant, unless that’s what you want your story to be. Some of the sweetest proposals took place at eateries that hold special meaning to the couple – where they had their first date, the pizza spot where they first said “I love you,”,  their favourite neighbourhood cafe, or even the the local mamak store.

#2 Let the restaurant help you.

Be sure to tell the staff appropriate go and no-go signs so they know when to do their part.  You can even let the restaurant organise the event for you so it goes smoothly. Nothing worse than having them come at the wrong time, ruining the surprise!

#3 Just the two of you or a family affair

Some couples prefer to enjoy and celebrate their engagement in private, just the two of them, before sharing the news. Others prefer to include friends and family. Think this over – who do you want around the both of you when you pop the question? After all, you don’t want to be a nervous wreck having to do it in front of so many watching eyes.

#4 Wait until dessert

“Waiting until dessert provides a sweet ending to a perfect dinner date.” If you’re coordinating a romantic table setting, make sure it doesn’t give too much away. If the restaurant has windows and — better yet — a view, schedule your reservation around sunset for the ideal ambience leading up to the surprise. After dinner is always the perfect time to propose as the wait staff will know the table needs to be cleared and arranged for the most important moment.

There you have it a guide to the perfect restaurant proposal. So get moving – pick a date and find the appropriate day and make the reservation. Leave the fuss of the perfect engagement ring to us.

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