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Shine with understated elegance as the Mother of the Bride /Groom with these jewellery styling tips

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

It can be a difficult balancing act to dress for your daughter’s wedding. You want to select jewellery pieces that look age and occasion appropriate and also makes you feel beautiful and glamorous without being too over the top. Plus, you are going to be photographed a lot on that day, which means it’s important to select something that will be flattering in pictures as well. 

How do you feel special and not over shine the bride on the day? We share some specially jewellery selection tips for the mother of the bride. 

Natural sapphire and diamond ring set in 18K white gold
If the theme is floral, then this is the perfect jewellery for you

(Do) match the wedding theme

The style of the wedding will help inform the jewellery inspiration for the event.

Is it a casual outdoor wedding or an indoor black-tie affair? Your jewellery should be in line with the dress code because at the end of the day you want to look graceful and not stand out like a sore thumb.

Have a personal jeweller custom design your jewellery. How special would it be to mark this very special day with exquisite jewellery pieces that can also be passed down to your own daughter or daughter in law? 

Lustrous golden south sea pearl necklace and earring set in 18K yellow gold
Lustrous golden south sea pearl necklace and earring set in 18K yellow gold

(Do) be classy and simple 

Keep it classic and simple because it is your daughter’s (or daughter in law’s) time to shine. It is not a day to be experimenting with your jewellery unless you are wearing a very simple frock – then a gorgeous statement necklace would be most appropriate. 

Overall, your accessory should accentuate you as a host of the special day, yet not too much to overpower the star of the show – the bride. An elegant set of pearls, a statement brooch or a simple pair of south sea pearl stud earrings are great pieces for the mother of the bride/groom 

Jadeite bangle; pure and elegant
Jadeite bangle; pure and elegant

(Do) choose comfort

It is best to stay clear of jewellery that is too loud, heavy or over the top because it may make you feel uncomfortable. Especially since you will most likely need to wear them for at least a couple of hours. Instead, choose elegant pieces like a jade bangle or simple bracelets that are also timeless pieces.

Are you any closer to finding the ideal jewellery for your son or daughter’s big day?

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If you are a bride or groom, don’t forget to share this with your mum for some inspiration. 


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