He popped the question, and you said YES!

The next IMMEDIATE thing you want to do is to take lots of pictures because it is a milestone for both of you. But, with happy tears running down your face and smudged makeup...you felt it is not the perfect time for a selfie. These days, newly engaged couples choose to announce their news with a post-proposal photo. An engagement ring selfie is a large number of excited bride-to-be will want to share on their social media.

It is totally okay to show it off. There are so many ways to get perfect picture! But keep in mind, there is no wrong or right way to document your happiness!

1. With a sweet treat

2. With Flower

3. With on-point manicure

4. Holding hands

Photo from Pinterest

5. With an unexpected background

Photo from Pinterest

6. With fun props

Picture from Pinterest

7. From your work windows

8. Capture the Sparkle

Have fun with your camera!


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