Guys, it is better be safe than sorry.

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

When most people would want to propose on Valentine because of its significance to Love, do not worry if you missed the chance. It is surely better to have a plan.

Here, we have a list of gentle reminders to help you to pull off a successful proposal.

#1. Avoid public places

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Over the recent years, flash mob proposals have become very popular. Proposing with a flash mob during Valentine's day seems romantic, especially surrounded by a lot of couples. Flash mobs involve tons of strangers choreographing her favourite song for your romantic proposal. But if your other half is a private person, then flash mobs may not guarantee you a great result. It may turn into a disaster! Go for a romantic escapade by the beach instead. Be on a look out for months which are not holiday season. Less is sometimes more.

#2. Avoid over pretending

Leave no trace of your surprise proposal. Most men cannot hide anything from their partner, even their underpants! Just joking. Especially at the engagement stage of your relationship, you are probably better off looking chill and have a plan in your head. No news is good news. So avoid discussions about anything that comes in a small box. Nowadays, jewellers have handy jewellery pouches. It is very convenient and practical; remember to ask for one when you get your ring. Suen Jewellers have nice pouches with buttons so it is safe in your pocket.

#3. Avoid hiding your ring

Valentine’s day is the busiest day for most restaurants, so many things could go wrong. Why cover the sparkling diamond ring in food what you spent so much hard-earned money on? We can’t Imagine what could probably happen if the waiter brings it to the wrong table! As the saying goes; too many cooks will spoil the soup. Bring your best guy pal along so he can help to make sure the ring is given to the right waiter and keep things in place for you.

#4. Avoid Mid-argument proposal You secretly planned the proposal on Valentine’s day. But somehow your other half thought that you totally forgot about this important date and you are not doing anything about it. Stay calm. It is not an ideal way to propose while you are mid-argument and force the four most important words during an argument. Perhaps, scrap the proposal plan and continue with just a romantic Valentine's dinner. Remember to buy a small gift for her. The Love Diamond pendants are just ideal and it will surely bring the brightest smile. Visit our jewellery boutique at Suen Jewellers located in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

#5. Avoid seeing double; when one glass is enough.

No girl wants you to propose when you are drunk. We repeat, no girl wants you to propose when you are drunk. It seems like a drunken decision. A little liquid courage can be helpful to boost your confidence but don't overdo as it might ruin the perfect proposal. Start with sparkling water and order a bottle of red wine. It is a great excuse not to drink immediately as red wine needs to breathe. Grab the perfect opportunity and have a violinist to play her most romantic song.

At Suen Couples; a company under the SUEN umbrella offers tailor made personalised music jingle proposals. Let them do the whole romancing for you. Just get the ring ready and practise the phrase “Will you marry me?”


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