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Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Diamond Bracelet

Nowadays, a tennis bracelet is a staple piece to many jewellery boxes because of the simple, delicate and yet durable nature of this jewel. But why is this bracelet set with diamonds called a “tennis bracelet”? Where is its named derived from?

The name “tennis bracelet” takes its roots from a professional tennis player, Chris Evert, who was highly successful between 1972 and 1989. She lost her diamond bracelet, designed by George Bedewi during the US Open in 1978. The closure of the bracelet snapped and the bracelet dropped. Evert promptly asked to suspend the game until her diamond bracelet was found. As of that day, this style of diamond bracelet has been referred to as a “tennis bracelet”.

Tennis bracelets are delicate, classic bracelets which a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. They are also simply known as diamond bracelets. Traditionally, it was a line of round diamonds set with gold into a bracelet. In these days, there are countless variations with different shaped diamonds, precious metal and setting styles.

Although the making of a diamond may seem easy, it in fact goes through a stringent process. Here are some INSIGHTS for you when considering a tennis bracelet to add to your collection.

1. Look out for the 4Cs

The design of a diamond tennis bracelet is as simple as describing it as a line of diamonds. Hence, at a glance, ALL diamonds has to look identical with each other. This means that every diamond needs to have a similar CUT to ensure consistent sparkle. Every diamond next to each other must have a similar grade in its COLOUR; otherwise the beauty of the bracelet will be compromised if an E coloured diamond was placed next to a H coloured one. The CLARITY of each diamond needs to be considered as well to ensure that inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

2. Lie the bracelet flat.

YOU NEED to do this - Lie the tennis bracelet flat, it must rest nicely on the table. If it is a YES, you are assured of a good workmanship. In the making of the tennis bracelet, each diamond is set into a basket and delicately linked together with utmost consistency to achieve a good quality bracelet. A well crafted tennis bracelet ensures that the bracelet will sit nicely on any wrist without any unusual gaps between the diamonds. Since this style of bracelet uses diamonds in a line, consistency in the selection of diamonds will enhance the beauty of the finished jewellery piece whereas any inconsistencies in the diamonds will show up easily.

Different carat weight and design

3. HOLD it UP.

Hold the tennis bracelet up. If it falls straight, you can be assured that it will sit beautifully on a wrist in a straight line when worn.

4.Try different sizes

Diamond bracelets come in different diamond sizes. Consider the diamond bracelet that best complements your lifestyle and image. If you are seeking something to wear daily to work, a 10 - 20 pt diamond bracelet may be just right for you. The final look may also vary according to the size of your wrist and what one is comfortable to use, some may prefer smaller diamonds of 5-pts instead.

A tennis bracelet is a highly functional piece of jewellery; it may be as discreet as you select it to be or as bold a statement as you carry. It also blends and complements ever so stylishly with FOPE bracelets.

Above all, the tennis bracelet makes a very valuable classic and timeless jewellery acquisition to add to your collection.

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