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How not to be intimidated while shopping for your dream engagement ring

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

You are ready to propose to your girlfriend but you have that GULP feeling about going to the jewellery store to select the ring… what can you do? Leave the worrying to us. Just relax and read these TIPS made just for you so you walk into a jewellery store looking and sounding like a pro in diamonds. TIP #1 Bring your friends - Going engagement ring hunting with your guy friends is very encouraging. You will automatically feel more confident and a TOP Secret Hint - the Personal Jeweller (if she is a lady) will surely be so happy to serve a group of handsome young men!

TIP #2

Ask Google and search for reputable jewellers near you. Research about the 4Cs and analyse it when you visit the jeweller. TOP Secret Hint - if the jeweller speaks with confidence and whatever she/he shares with you relates to what you have researched, then it is a reputable jeweller.

DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:iccfTIP #3 Message the Jeweller before your visit. With social media, you can give the jeweller a message and ask for some specific details. It will save you time. Top Secret Hint - if the jeweller responses to you within an hour or even within a half-hour; you MUST check them out because they are real and not controlled by any artificial intelligence system. Immediate response will also reflect that the jewellery company is passionate and is willing to help you in whichever way they can.

TIP #4 Girl BFF - if you have a bestie who is a girl - you MUST bring her along when you shop for the engagement ring. TOP Secret Hint - she will be absolutely thrilled as she is part of your milestone; she will be very focused in all the details and will surely recommend the best diamond for your most loved. Feeling more relieved? Come over to the store one day and we will be more than happy to help you select the best engagement ring even if you don't have any of the above.

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TIP #5 - Visit SUEN and discover The Love Diamond. The Love Diamond has exceptional quality in the cut; so perfectly cut it sparkles like a million tiny suns. The Love Diamond also has exclusive Signature engagement ring designs that only a Love Diamond can be set with these Signature designs. This is the ultimate expression of love for your beloved.


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