A Dream marriage proposal becomes a disaster when…

You forgot to bring your ring!

When it comes to popping the question, guys are naturally going to be extremely nervous. A marriage proposal is the most important thing a man will do in his life. The perfectly-planned marriage proposal loses all its magic if you forgot your ring! A marriage proposal without a ring reflects you are not ready for the relationship commitment.

Tip: Collect the ring from your jeweller on the proposal day.

The design is Not her ideal ring!

Choosing the wrong ring design is awful too! You secretly planned for the perfect marriage proposal and got her a ring. But as it turns out it is Not her dream ring. Certain girls are happy with any ring as long as you propose to her with a diamond ring, but ultimately a girl secretly wants her marriage proposal to be with her dream ring. Buying a ring is supposed to be the easiest part, yet it becomes so complicated with the many ring designs available.

Tips: Buy a ring from a jeweller with an exchange policy or borrow a family heirloom as a placeholder until you go ring shopping together!Propose with a ring box and slip a redeem voucher for an engagement ring. Put a smile on her face and tell her that you want it to be perfect. So that she gets to choose her dream ring!

Too many cooks spoil the soup

It comes in handy if a friend or family member of your partner's could give you useful advice. However, too much noise might end up with a massive headache trying to figure out what to do or a disaster when you plan too much. When planning for proposal ideas, pick two or three of her buddies and pick up some important details from their responses.

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Tip: You know your partner best, you should know what is her dream proposal would be like!

You are in an awkward place and moment

You are ready to give her the dream proposal. You have picked the ring, planned for your speech. Every girl is different, make the marriage proposal specific to her personality. A useful tip for you, think of what kind of person your fiance-to-be is. If she is shy and introverted, proposing to her in public and surrounded by anonymous onlookers is the biggest blunder. If she is the kind of person that likes big romantic gestures, she would not prefer a private and intimate moment with you alone.

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Tip: Every girl dreams to have a marriage proposal with a private or intimate moment with you alone. Invite her close friends and family members to witness.

So…….. Perfect timing is everything! It is time to upgrade your relationship. Once you have planned the marriage proposal, you want to get it over ASAP just like other guys. This is a memorable moment for you and your partner. I believe that you want your marriage proposal tale to sound epic and romantic instead of a comedy. Keep in your mind, your partner is going to repeat this tale for the rest of your life. Try to make up excuses to cover up her suspicions.

P.S: Telling harmless lies about a secret proposal often does not upset someone.


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