4 ways to find out her ring size without her knowing

Avoid choosing a ring that does not fit her.

The time has come to buy the engagement ring. You have done all your research but the only challenge left is to find out the size of her ring finger. Trying to find out her ring size yourself can be quite a tricky feat. Lucky for you, The Love Diamond has put up some tips that can help.

Ultimate Trick 1 - Fake a gift to your mum or sister

Be creative with how you bring this up in conversations. Pretend that you are buying jewellery for your mum or sister and ask her to share her ring size to get an idea of what size to get for the gift. She will nott see it coming.

Ultimate Trick 2 - Call her best friend

A great way to find out her ring size is to enlist the help of her bestie. Chances are, at one point they have probably talked about engagement rings and ring sizes. Better yet, ask the friend to take your girlfriend engagement ring shopping “for fun.” Have her get professionally sized and ask her friend to share that piece of information with you. Simple, easy and fun (for her) at the same time.

Ultimate Trick 3 - Borrow one of her rings

Secretly look for an old ring and take it to a jeweller to find out the size. Make sure you know which hand and finger she wears the ring on so you can get an accurate measurement.

Ultimate Trick 4 - Just ask her

Just ask her outright what the size of her ring finger is. If you and your partner have been discussing marriage for quite some time, you would not have to worry about still adding that element of surprise. After all, she will never know when you are going to ask her or how.

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