The Love Diamond Story 


Nothing encapsulates love in physical, permanent and perfect form better than a diamond. And The  Love Diamond by SUEN JEWELLERS stands head and shoulders above the rest.


Practically perfect in every sense, from proportion to polish to presentation, SUEN JEWELLERS unique The Love Diamond sparkles as if a million miniature suns have been trapped inside. 


While there are a million ways of expressing your love, there is only one perfect way when it comes to that special day. And that is with The Love Diamond. 


Since 1998, The Love Diamond has been instrumental in playing a small but significant role in many weddings as modern couples find the concept of 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows simply too irresistible and utterly appropriate for the most important occasion of their life. The Love Diamond is the ultimate expression of love as it is as unique as the love shared between two people who know they were made for each other.  Whether set in place in yellow or white gold or even platinum, The Love Diamond is an eternal testimony of love. 

The Love Diamond by SUEN Jewellers

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